Pulau Jahat

  • Pulau Jahat

    Pulau Jahat

    Pulau Jahat is another spectacular rocky dive site in Tioman. The name ‘Pulau Jahat’ means Naughty Island. With depths varying from 5 to 25 meters, the dive here is exciting and extremely challenging during strong currents.

    This rocky island is surrounded by large boulders that create tunnels to swim through plus caves and corridors. The tour around the caves is one of a kind. Torches are necessary to witness the beautiful scenery inside the caves. There are also coral garden beds here that are really nice to see. The marine life is simply amazing especially for beginners. It includes jacks, barracudas, common tropical reef fish plus the must-see sharks.

    Getting here will take at about 20-25 minutes by a boat from the main island.

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