Salang Pusaka Resort

  • Salang Pusaka Resort

    Salang Pusaka Resort

    Salang Pusaka Resort, located in the beautiful island of Tioman, is known as one of the simplest sites in the area. Despite its simplicity, you can still enjoy your stay here for it offers good services and accommodations to everyone.

    The site is noted for being one of the most affordable diving spots in Tioman. Perhaps, its affordability does not affect the quality of the services here, most especially of the dive.

    The Scuba naut dive here is amazing. The water current is perfect for an easy dive. It usually has zero to mild current that is really suitable for amateur divers. They also feature a good snorkeling experience.
    The amenities here are also great. The hotel is very good, all rooms are air-conditioned, and the carpeting and furnishing are nice. The restaurant has a pretty jolly ambience with a huge outdoor screen for movie nights. The food is delicious, a selection of local and western dishes, you can pick fresh fish or meat for a grill dinner. There is also a souvenir shop around the site where you can pick and buy stuffs to remember the place.

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